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Краснодара Hotels (Krasnodar region)


Name: Krasnodar

Country: Russia

Time zone: GMT +3

Area: 192 sq.km.

Population: 0,746 million (2011)

Founded in: 1793

Climate: moderate

Average temperature: -4°C to +6°C in winter, +15°C to +30°C in summer

Area code: +7 (861)

Airports: Pashkovsky

Train stations: Krasnodar

Ports: river terminal (Kuban river)

Bus stations: Krasnodar-1, Krasnodar-2, Yuzhny

Religious buildings: Orthodox: St.Catherine Cathedral, Joy of All Who Sorrow Church, St.George Church, Nativity of Christ Church, Holy Intercession Church, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Prince Alexander Nevsky Troop Cathedral; Catholic: St.Liborius Church

Architectural landmarks: Alexander Triumphal Arch, Shukhov Water Tower, Chieftain F.Bursak House, V.Rubezhansky Manor

Statues and memorials: Catherine the Great, A.Suvorov, A.Pushkin, Kuban Cossacks, Kuban Cossack Army 200th Anniversary, Zaporozhye Cossacks Write A Letter to Sultan of Turkey

Museums: Kovalenko Krasnodar Territory Art Museum, Felitsyn State History and Archaeology Museum-Reserve, Krasnodar Territory Fine Art Exhibition Hall, Russian Cultural Fund Krasnodar Territory Branch, Weapons of Victory Military Technology Museum, 7 Pictures Gallery, Art Union Gallery, Kuban Postal Communications Museum

House-Museums of: G.Ponomarenko

Theatres: Gorky Academic Drama Theatre, Grigorovich Ballet Theatre, Premiera Youth Theatre, Premiera Music Theatre, Premiera Puppet Theatre, Krasnodar Territory Puppet Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Solnechny Island Park, Rozhdestvensky Park, Victory 30th Anniversary Park, Chistyakov Grove, City Park, Ekaterininsky Park, Kosenko Botanical Gardens, KGU Botanical Gardens (Pashkovsky village, 7 km from Krasnodar)

Expo centres: KrasnodarEXPO

Sports venues and clubs: Kuban Stadium (FC Kuban, FC Krasnodar), Olympus Sports Palace (VC Dynamo, WVC Dynamo, Handball Club Skif, Womens Handball Club Kuban), Basket-Hall (BC Lokomotiv- Kuban)

Performance sites: Krasnodar Territory Philharmonic Hall, Municipal Concert Hall of Organ and Chamber Music, Central Concert Hall, Premiere Palace of Arts, Galich Hall, Railway House of Culture

Entertainment sites: State Circus, Equator Water Park, Aqualand Water Park, Safari Park, Oceanarium

Restaurants of national cuisine: Russian: House of Russian Cuisine, Samogon, Selpo

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