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1. Terms of cooperation with foreign companies.

If you want to obtain detailed information please contact one of our profit centres organized on the language principle. According to the country your company is registered in you can appeal to the following departments:

Department of Spain, Portugal and Latin America
Sergey Zhivotikov
E-mail: latin@acase.ru

Department of France
Lydia Protsenko
E-mail: l.protsenko@acase.ru

Department of Italy
Pavel Kretov
E-mail: p.kretov@acase.ru

International Department
Irina Volkova
E-mail: i.volkova@acase.ru

2. Terms of cooperation with companies registered on the territory of the Russian Federation, CIS Countries and the Baltic States.

To get an opportunity of hotel and travel services reservation in Academservice Ltd. please familiarize yourself with terms of «Sales agreement» и «Discount agreement». Failing any questions or remarks you should fill in and sign two copies of the named documents, and mail them to Academservice for their further processing.

The customer prices of provided services are fixed by Academservice and published on the company's official website. These prices are ultimate for consumers and include the customer's discounts. The amount of the discounts is determined by results of the previous year operations and is fixed for the following calendar year. When the determined number of operations is reached the customer should forward a letter to Academservice with a request to grant a discount.

To get access to our on-line reservation system please apply to the Department of Russia, CIS Countries and the Baltic States, and state the names and e-mails of the managers who will be responsible for reservations. Forms of inquiries, notifications and avoidances forwarded to Academservice are approved by both sides. Information and documentary exchange is carried out via facsimile, electronic and other types of communication that make it possible to register documents dispatch and receipt.

We are ready for long-term and fruitful cooperation.

Academservice Ltd. address:
28A Shipilovskaya street, Moscow, 115563, Russia

Contact information:
Department of Russia, CIS Countries and the Baltic States
Phone: +7 (495) 660-90-90 (multi-channel)
Fax: +7 (495) 662-43-58

3. A 24-hour service of clients support

A 24-hour service of clients support in our Department of Russia, CIS and Baltic States and Corporate and VIP-clients Department deals with urgent issues regarding hotels accommodation and transfers in regions.

Contact information regarding urgent hotel accommodation issues and transfers in regions:
E-mail: 24hours@acase.ru
Phone: +7 (495) 660 90 90, доб. 2429
Fax: +7 (495) 662 43 58
Mobile: +7 985 231 88 79 (incoming calls only)

All telephone conversations will be recorded to improve quality of the service.

4. Booking hotels outside Russia, CIS Countries and Baltic States.

Academservice is glad to offer a new service – accommodation in hotels not only in Russia, CIS countries and the Baltic states, but also in other 158 countries of the world. Clients can choose from over 60 000 hotels of different levels.

This service is available under the contract in force between Academservice and customers and allows to find easily the most suitable place of accommodation all over the world very fast.

Booking hotels outside Russia, CIS Countries and Baltic States on the web sitу www.acaser.ru is possible only in the Booking Abroad section.

For clients’ convenience every hotel has information about services in the hotel, pictures of the hotel, contact details, address, short descriptions of the rooms, restaurants and hotel facilities, information about distance from the main sights of the city and public transportation stops.

The booking window on the site makes search of the hotel easy and fast. Clients can choose a certain hotel for certain dates or look through all possible variants during the wanted time period.

Booking with instant confirmation is an important feature provided by the company.

Academservice provides possibility of booking hotels outside of Russia, CIS countries and the Baltic states, but does not provide visa services in these countries, including visa support.

5. Rules of observation the price parity.

For hotels, requiring observation of price parity, the Customer is obliged to publish proposals for Academservice services in open informational resources ( on its website or on contractors’ websites, as well as on other public media or sales channels), indicating prices no lower than those which officially published on Academservice website www.acase.ru on the day of sale.

Academservice reserves its right without notification of the Customer to exclude him from sales of services where the Customer breaks the terms of its commitments, and also demands of indemnify for losses in consequence of no observation of price parity under the counter laying claims to Academservice from the part of hotels, named in the list.

6. Money refund rules for the non rendered services.

If the Customer’s client on his/her/its own initiative fails to use the booked services or stops using the ordered services early, the Customer shall provide Academservice with a written Application within 20 (twenty) days upon the date, when the services have been actually rendered. The date, when the services have been actually rendered shall mean the last day when services are provided to the Customer’s client (in case when no services are provided, the supposed last day of providing services to the Customer’s client, indicated in the Request/Order). Upon the written Application of the Customer Academservice may return the amount payable for the services that have not actually been rendered or set off the funds transferred in excess against the future bookings of the Customer. If Academservice receives no Application from the Customer within 20 (twenty) calendar days upon the date, when the services have been actually rendered, the services shall be considered fully rendered in a complete and timely manner and volume according to Request/Order of the Customer. After 20 (twenty) calendar days upon the date, when the services have been actually rendered, applications and claims regarding volume of the rendered services will not be accepted and considered.

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