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Новосибирска Hotels (Novosibirsk region)


Name: Novosibirsk

Country: Russia

Time zone: GMT+7

Area: 506,67 sq km

Population: 1,485 million (2011)

Founded in: 1893

Climate: extremely continental

Average temperature: -9°C to -25°C in winter, +12°C to +30°C in summer

Area code: +7 (383)

Airports: Tolmachevo

Train stations: Novosibirsk

Ports: river terminal (Ob river)

Bus stations: Novosibirsk

Subway: 2 line; 13 stations

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Ascension Cathedral, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Protection of the Holy Mary Church, St.Nicholas Chapel, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Our Lady of the Sign Church, Holy New Martyrs of Russia Monastery, St.Eugene the Martyr Monastery; Catholic: Transfiguration of Our Lord Cathedral; Mosque; Synagogue

Architectural landmarks: One Hundred Apartment House, Novosibirsk Railway Station, First Railway Bridge over Ob River

Statues and memorials: S.Kirov, V.Lenin, A.Kryachkov, M.Glinka, V.Vysotsky, A.Pokryshin, A.Krylov, N.Gogol, Victims of Political Repressions

Museums: State Fine Arts Museum, State Local Lore Museum, Akulinin Railway Technology Museum, Siberian Birchbark Museum, N.Rerikh Museum, Sun Museum, Cossack Glory Museum, Central Siberian Geology Museum (Akademgorodok, 20 km from Novosibirsk)

House-Museums of: S.Kirov

Theatres: State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, Musical Comedy Theatre, Stary Dom State Drama Theatre, Red Torch State Academic Drama Theatre, Globus Academic Youth Theatre, On the Left Bank City Drama Theatre, Afanasyev City Drama Theatre, Novosibirsk Region Puppet Theatre

Natural sites and parks: History and Architecture Open Air Museum, Central Siberian Botanical Gardens, Heroes of the Revolution Park, Glory Park, Culture and Leisure Parks: Central, Pine Forest, Bugrinskaya Grove, Birchwood, Zayeltsovsky, Koltsovo, Naberezhnaya, Pervomaysky, At the Ob Sea, Kirov

Expo centres: Siberia Fair, Expocentre

Sports venues and clubs: Spartak Stadium (FC Sibir), Sibir Ice Sports Palace (HC Sibir, JHC Sibirskie Snaypery), NGASU Sports Hall (MFC Sibiryak), Sever Sports and Concert Complex (BC Sibirtelecom-Lokomotiv, WBC Dynamo-GUVD, VC Lokomotiv), Sibselmash Stadium (HC Sibselmash), Auto and Moto Centre, Biathlon Complex

Performance sites: State Philharmonic Hall, Glinka State Conservatory, House of Scientist Concert Hall, House of Actor, Metallurg Palace of Culture, Stroitel Palace of Culture, Railway Palace of Culture, Gorky Palace of Culture

Entertainment sites: Zoo, State Circus, Small West Siberian Railroad, Gorsky Snowboard Park

Restaurants of national cuisine: Russian: Sibirskaya troika

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