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Ability to upload photos of hotels rotated or large size

Dear Colleagues!

There have been changes on the website of Academservice.

Now you can upload photos of hotels with a rotated image. As well as large photos.

Why did we do it?

Supplier users themselves can upload photos of their hotels in their personal accounts

Often users complain:

  • photos of large size (with a side of more than 4000 pixels) are not loaded
  • photos rotated on their side have to be rotated correctly beforehand in a third-party image editor

We have corrected all these comments.


Old form. On this form, supplier users and internal users can upload photos of hotels

What changed:

  • There are two buttons to rotate the photo image. These buttons rotate the image left or right if the image has been flipped. Thus, you can bring the photo to the vertical correct state
  • Now you can upload large photos. The maximum photo size is now 45 MB (previously 8 MB). Maximum image size 10000 x 10000 pixels (previously 4000 x 4000)
  • There was a request not to upload photos with inscriptions or watermarks

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